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  • What is Antifa?
  • Donald Trump calls them terrorists, but many Antifa see themselves as ordinary citizens fighting oppression, racism and police brutality
  • What Is Antifa? Trump Wants to Declare It a Terror Group
  • Trump Moves to Underground Bunker as Protests and Violence Spill Over
  • Trump Accused of Inciting Protesters as George Floyd Demonstrations Reach the White House
  • Antifa isn't the problem. Trump's bluster is a distraction from police violence.
  • Many Claim Extremists Are Sparking Protest Violence. But Which Extremists?
  • Donald Trump has declared it a terrorist organisation but what is Antifa anyway?
  • Trump warns protesters as unrest sweeps America
  • George Floyd: as protests rage across US, Trump comments inflame tensions
  • Right-Wing Conspiracists Pull From Old Playbook: Blame George Soros For Riots
  • 1 hammer, 1 'antifa mob chase': A closer look at Portland's viral protest moments
  • I spent one day with Antifa in Portland
  • Far-right Proud Boys claim 'mission success' in antifa protest, vow to hold monthly Portland rallies
  • Police flood streets of Portland, Oregon, amid stand-off between Proud Boys, Antifa groups
  • Reliable Sources
  • Trump is threatening to designate antifa an “organization of terror”
  • Right-wing protesters, 'antifa' clashes bring chaos to streets of Portland, Oregon
  • Stelter Pays Lip Service to Battered Journo, Ignores CNN's Antifa Support
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